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Musical Theatre Stories

We present a series of theoretical and practical gatherings to explore and examine different styles and eras of musical theater in depth. Each event consists of a rehearsal session in the chosen theme with a pianist, and a second in-depth session on a prominent figure who is active in theater and opera in our country.

“Al Voltant de Sondheim” amb Joan Vázquez.
15 and 22 November 2016

“Connexió Cos i Veu al Teatre Musical” amb Mariona Castillo.
13 and 20 December 2016

“El Teatre Musical en Català” amb Muntsa Rius.
17 and 24 January 2017

“L’Opera al Teatre Musical” amb Marta Mathéu.
14 and 21 February 2017 (postponed for reasons beyond Vocal Factory)

“El Teatre Musical Off-Broadway” amb Xavi Duch.
14 and 21 March 2017

“El liget al Teatre Musical” amb Joana Estebanell.
18 and 25 April 2017

With the participation of Filippo Fanò at the piano.

Prices and promotions

One gathering: (2 sessions): €50
1 gathering as observer: €16

Packages and Offers:
Pack of 3 gatherings (6 sessions): €140
Pack 5 gatherings (10 sessions): €225
Pack 6 gatherings (12 sessions): €260

Limited places!

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