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Data sheet

THE WILD PARTY, by Andrew Lippa

Premiered 22 february 2013 at Teatre Gaudí in Barcelona. Season until 27 april 2013.

Catalan adaptation Roger Batalla.

Stage direction: Anna Valldeneu.
Musical direction: Filippo Fanò.
Choreography: Lino di Giorgio Jr.
Choreography assistant: Patricia Cabau.
Guest choreographer: Raul Pardo.
Vocal Coaching: Alexandra Morales.
Production: VOCAL FACTORY BCN and TGB.
Photography: Xavi Montojo.
Graphic design: Juliette Sarrat and Diego Felix.

Xènia García – Queenie
Xavi Duch – Burrs
Roger Berruezo – Black
Maria Santallusia – Kate
Isa Mateu – Madeleine
Ferran Guiu – Eddie
Laura Prats – Mae
Roger Batalla – Phil
Carles García – Oscar
Lino di Giorgio Jr – Jackie
Arnau Gol – Sam
Ivette Novell – Nadine
Zuhaitz San Buenaventura – Max
Laura Daza – Dolores
Berta Peñalver – Ensemble
Marina Schiaffino – Ensemble
Joan Galo – Ensemble


US, 20s. Queenie is the queen of vaudeville. She has all the men at his feet. She uses and kicks them. Burrs is a vaudeville clown. It has all the women at his feet. He uses and kicks them. Nothing satisfy them. No one is at the height of his wishes. Until they find each other. They are two sides of the same coin. It is an explosion of sex and passion.

But with the passage of time, the routine crushes them. One day Burrs abuses Queenie, who decides to take revenge on him throwing a party where she wants to humiliate him surrounded by his most sordid and decadent friends. A surprise guest also presents. And in a wild party full of excesses and lower passions, things always escape your hands.