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Data sheet


FROM JUNE 21 TO JULY 15 at Gaudí Theatre in Barcelona (2018)

Instagram: @johnandjenbcn

Music: Andrew Lippa.
Lyrics: Tom Greenwald.
Libretto: Tom Greenwald & Andrew Lippa.
Director: Xavi Duch.
Musical director: Filippo Fanò.
Acting coaching: Jose Pérez-Ocaña.
Catalan adaptation: David Pintó.
General Production: Maria Gabriela Vera and Anna Valldeneu (VOCAL VACTORY).

Marc Pociello – John
Anna Valldeneu – Jen

John & Jen is a small-format musical particularly original, that focuses on the complexity of relationships between brothers and sisters and parents and children. It is set in the changing North American society, between the years 1950 and 1990. John & Jen is a small theatrical gem, full of intelligence, ingenuity and beautiful melodies arranged for piano, cello and percussion. He tells the story of the Jen and his relationship with the two Johns of his life: his younger brother and his son. With a cast of only two people, and a great actoral effort on the part of those who embody the life of these characters, is a musical about the connections, the commitments and the care of the wounds of the heart.
It was released on New York’s off-broadway in June 1995 and a review was made in 2015.